Who are the 7 Archangels and What is their Role on Earth?

The heavenly world exists through an orderly form known as the Celestial Choir hierarchy. It is the structure that assigns power to different beings committed to God`s work. According to this hierarchy, nine choirs represent the order of command from the most powerful of all, God. At the bottom of the ladder is the Celestial choir of Angels, then the choir of Archangels, Principalities, Virtues, Powers, Dominions, Thrones, Cherubim, and Seraphim who are at the top respectively. 

According to this hierarchy, Archangels are at an upper level than Angels, and this means that they are a little more powerful. Additionally, Angels are at the lowest level because they are closest to humans than all the others in the hierarchy. The heavenly realm is very organized, and the existence of this hierarchy confirms it. 

Archangels are in charge of the Angels who are further divided into groups. However, besides supporting Angels in their work, Archangels have a role of serving in a specific aspect of God. Also, while angels can be quite many, there are only seven known and talked about Archangels. The following is a list of the seven Archangels and their specific role on earth. 

1.    Michael

Archangel Michael is the most powerful of all and the leader of all Archangels. The meaning of his name is believed to be “Who is Like God?” that affirms God`s sovereignty over all things. His role on earth is to provide protection and justice. He is portrayed as the one who will lead God`s people with a sword during the end times. 

2.    Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is very popular because most religious books refer to him. In Christianity, Gabriel appeared to Mary when informing her about the birth of Jesus. He also appeared to Zachariah to inform her of the birth of John the Baptist. In Islam, Gabriel is said to have dictated the words in the Quran to Mohammed. Gabriel represents God`s aspect of purity and is responsible for visions, revelations, and prophesies. The name Gabriel means, “God`s mighty strength.”

3.    Raphael

Raphael is not as popular as Michael or Gabriel despite religious books referencing him in their teachings. The name Raphael means, “God heals” and, therefore, he is responsible for divine healing on earth. He provides healing when people are in need and above it all; he provides basic needs to make people happy. His role is to provide light to people even at their darkest hour. 

4.    Jophiel

The name Jophiel means, “Beauty of God” and, therefore, this archangel is responsible for the beauty of the world. She helps people appreciate the beauty of the world by inspiring their minds. Also, this archangel is responsible for illumination and boosting creativity to help people appreciate the world`s beauty. Hence, if you lose the meaning of life, you will probably want to pray for the intervention of Jophiel. 

5.    Chamuel 

Chamuel means, “One who seeks God” and is the archangel responsible for love and relationship. However, this does not necessarily mean that Chamuel is responsible for romantic relationships only, but includes family, friends, and spiritual relationships. He is the archangel that helps one realize their mistake and resolve conflicts in relationships. 

6.    Uriel 

Uriel is the archangel of repentance and is believed to watch over thunder and terror. His name means, “Fire of God” and is depicted as relentless and fierce. He is the archangel who stands at the gates of the Garden of Eden with a fiery sword. Uriel is marked by the colors gold and purple and sometimes known as the face of God. 

7.    Azrael

When death strikes, the role of Azrael is initiated. During this unfortunate event, Azrael acts as the helper for the one who dies and those that are left behind. He helps the souls of the dead settle in the spiritual world while helping the ones left behind deal with the grief. As the “Angel of Death,” his role extends to spiritual ministers and counselor by helping them deal with grieving individuals. 

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