Facts about Hinduism You Probably Don`t Know About

Hinduism is a special kind of religion because unlike most religions, it is unorganized. This means that it does not have a systematic approach to moral issues that encompass religion. However, this is not to mean that Hindus are not governed by any rules or bound by any law. On the contrary, Hinduism faith, as well as beliefs, are influenced by community policies both local and regional. Additionally, they have the Verda which is a collection of Hindus` sacred scriptures.  

At the core of Hinduism is to pursue an understanding of truth. According to the Verda, the truth is one but may and can be expressed in many ways. Consequently, there is more about Hinduism than meets the eye. One, I have learnt that Hinduism gods are symbols of particular needs. That is, Hindus will pray to a particular god depending on their need. For instance, in matters of relationships, they will turn to the god of love, while materialistic needs are presented to the god of wealth and so on. 

In this view, I found this religion quite interesting and wanted to learn more and break the chains of my ignorance. After all, Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world following closely in the influence of Christianity and Islam. Hence, it would be ignorant to not acknowledge the beliefs of such a big number of people. If you are like me and would want to know more about Hinduism, here are a few facts you probably didn`t know about the religion. 

Hinduism Facts You Probably Don`t Know

1.    Hindus Believe in One God

Yes, Hinduism is the belief in one God who is known as Brahman. He is a Supreme power with infinite abilities and the cause of all things in existence, and has his presence everywhere. However, Hindus believe that this God takes many forms which are accorded to the goddesses or gods each with unique powers. The powers include among many more; knowledge, possession, success, protection, and prosperity. 

Brahman is the pure consciousness in this images of Him that Hindus worship. Additionally, from the God Brahman, three other forms which make the Hindu trinity emerge; Vishu the preserver, Shiva the absorber, and Brahma, the creator. 

2.    Hindus Believe in Reincarnation

Reincarnation in Hinduism is known as rebirth and is a process within their cycle of life. The belief here is that, after death, the immortal soul reincarnates and will go through different transformations before it finally integrates with Brahman. However, the reincarnation of this soul depends on how the previous life was lived which is known as karma, an average of one`s good and bad deeds. 

3.    Wealth is Divine

Hinduism is one of the few religions that do not consider it a sin for one to pursue wealth. Actually, they have their goddess Lakshmi who is the giver of abundance and wealth. According to the Verda, God is the giver of all, including wealth. Also, they believe that wealth is divine because it helps continue and preserve life while on earth. 

All in all, a common misconception about Hinduism is that they worship idols or practice Idolatry. However, this is a mental concept that I would like to demystify. Hinduism does not advocate for idolatry but rather, it’s a religion that is based on seeing their God in everything. As has been already discussed, Hinduism acknowledges the existence of only one God, Brahman but who takes many forms. Also, Brahman is not an abstract being but rather, an entity of all that is seen and unseen. This explains how the different gods and goddesses of knowledge, success, or abundance came to be.

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