Who are Lightworkers and are They Real Today?

The term lightworkers may not resonate with many people, and for this reason, they may also not be aware that they live amongst us. Lightworkers are a special kind of people who despite their resemblance to ordinary people, are here for a different course. Common knowledge is that lightworkers come to deliver the world from worldly pleasures. They do this by healing, teaching, counsel, and enlighten the laymen. Additionally, they have been sent to the world to make it better which they refer to as spreading light. 

Some people believe that these are people who incarnate in their afterlife and come to drive away destructive energy on earth. Hence, when they come, lightworkers may serve in different capacities though they all share the same goal. The goal is to make the world a better place and raise the consciousness of ordinary human beings. The term lightworker suggests that they are filled with the light which they seek to spread throughout the world. 

Lightworkers serve differently in that some serve as a full-time activity; others volunteer at different times while some emerge when certain situations take place. Most importantly, they have a global presence and are united by the common objective of spreading goodness. Lightworkers are in a human form which makes it difficult to identify them in any other way or distinguish them from the rest. However, they have higher spiritual energy than other people, and this helps them stay strong even in times of sorrow. 

How do Lightworkers Achieve their Mission?

Lightworkers have one mission which is to spread light that is, love and goodness. Spreading love destroys any negative energies that bring evil on earth. Hence, the goal of lightworkers on earth entails and revolves around spreading the love on earth at all times. This means that in everything, a lightworker must show love so that any negative energy can be destroyed. Also, this translates to showing love to those people who hurt others on earth including but not limited to; thieves, murders, rapists, and terrorists. 

For this reason, lightworkers can be misunderstood by people who lack awareness of their objective on earth. Consequently, their act of showing love to this societal rejects may seem like they support evil and crime. However, this is one of the reasons why lightworkers live among us. They discourage showing hate to such immoral characters because such negativity will only foster more negativity. 

Even when faced with challenges of rejection from people who may misunderstand their mission, lightworkers must always remain objective. Also, they may never at any point try to redirect this energy back by addressing such fears. On the contrary, they should be able to sympathize with those that are close to them. To be good in this role as a lightworker, you have to be selfless and sacrifice personal gains for the greater majority. 

The realization of being a lightworker is spiritual and takes place in the inner self. However, the common characteristic of a lightworker is the urge and need always to do good deeds. On the other hand, some people are lightworkers but are yet to realize it. Such lightworkers are referred to as “sleepers” and will reveal themselves during a particular crisis. They also act as volunteers to help people who need their help at a specific time. 

Lightworkers also exist in children even though this may not be known yet. Such children have a dream of joining careers that involve helping people like nursing, healing or teaching. They share the goal of changing the world and make it more hospitable. If you have that inner voice that always wants you to do the right thing or show other people love, you probably are a lightworker too.   

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