Spiritual Manifestation: Foundation, Meaning and Process

I have met people of sensitive hearts who, amidst the injustices of the world, manifest a sense of desperation. They resign their hope to the thought that nothing can be done about the injustices of the world, that some people will always be poor and others rich. They live by the animal farm philosophy, “some animals are more equal than others” and nothing can be done about that. The culmination of their desperation is in the thought that justice is done by what makes human beings equal; death! How lower could anyone sink? 

I refuse to go by this narrative. Yes, there is something greater than death that renders human beings equal. It is their inherent search for the essence of their existence. Every human person wants to understand who they are, where they come from, where they are going…and even though not everyone is consciously aware of it, this is the most beautiful thing that makes human beings equal. Their spiritual nature.

Human Beings are Spiritual

We often tend to be lost in the urgency of our physical needs and experiences. For this reason, the heart of our being is overshadowed. If we were to think with Christians about the nature of human beings, we would say we are spiritual by virtue of that first breath inhaled by the Creator to give us life. But we do not need to be Christians to think this way. Truth is, spiritual is our nature, regardless of any religious affiliation. We yearn to give sense to our existence and create a deep and unique point of reference that can give meaning to our existence. This yearning is the heart of our spiritual nature. Something lies beyond our manifest reality, and our hearts and minds will never rest until that reality is revealed. 

There is some bad news though. The metaphysical reality will never be completely revealed in our present life. Since we are beneficiaries of the spiritual nature, we will search for the Source until we can be of the same spiritual nature as the Source. So what happens while we await this fullness?  Here’s the good news.

The Spiritual Manifestations

We dream continuously about what we want. Our dreams are what some will call ‘the power of intention.’ Dreams or intents become thoughts and beliefs, or if you want, wishes. If we go by the term wish, we will say, ‘what you wish is what you get.’ If we go by thought, we will say that our thoughts attract what they focus on, and that is manifestation! 

In an encompassing synthesis, we are contradicting the power of electronic physics that postulates the attraction of unlike poles. In spiritual manifestation, like attracts like. What we live or get in life, is what we have attracted with our dreams, thoughts, and wishes. And despite the negatives that may surround us, we have the power to focus on the positive. We, however, need to train our spirit to dream, think, and believe in the positive. I am talking about answering the question, ‘How does spiritual manifestation work?’

The Process of Spiritual Manifestation

Dreams, thoughts, beliefs have three dimensions: the spiritual, the psychological and the physical. 

As with our human nature, the spiritual dimension of manifestation is gratuitous, it’s given to us by virtue of our existence. Remember how we put it previously, ‘every human person searches for the meaning of their existence.’ But we need to be awake to this search, and here’s how:

  • Be conscious about what you want: we do not live by the philosophy of a creator who makes us and leaves us to our miseries and struggles. We, instead, believe in shaping our own destiny by believing in the possibility of something positive and fulfilling. And belief is conscious.
  • Call what you want unto you: even in the basic dynamics of life, thinking about something does not become real if you do not follow thought with action. In spiritual manifestation, action is in attracting what you wish for by calling it to become reality. It’s giving life to our thoughts.
  • Accompany belief with behaviour: what’s the point in desiring something and then spoiling that desire with doubt? Spiritual manifestation is a unified experience, you cannot dream something and then work against it with your thought or behaviour. You will be blocking its realization.
  • Open your being to receive it: when one offers a gift, we extend an arm to receive it, otherwise they think we don’t want it. Believing that something will happen means opening our being to let it unfold to the full. I have a mental image for this, the magnificent scenery of a moth turning to a caterpillar. Potential becomes reality!

The psychological dimension concretizes belief. It is the cognitive power that thinks about what we want, visualizes it, and eliminates any doubt about it. It is consistence in the thought that ‘what we want is what we will get.’

The physical dimension of manifestation is determined by the biological dynamics of the brain. The sensory signals that translate to decodable messages, and consequently to action. 

What’s encouraging is that we can have control over these dimensions. But we need to consciously do so. Gurus of spiritual manifestation will advise you to meditate, and always think positive!

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