What is Cosmic Spirituality?

Cosmic spirituality is the spirituality present in all kingdoms and emanates from our scientific understanding of the universe. This form of spirituality is referred to as scientific spirituality since it is the pure form of spirituality that is important for science. It`s not based on any traditional religion but scientific realizations and truths. 

Cosmic Spirituality, Religion, and Spirituality.

Religion refers to a belief with set rituals and an intermediary priesthood. On the other hand, spirituality is a state of consciousness that is not dependent on religious dogma, or an intermediary priesthood. Spirituality is a more direct route to human evolution. In relation, cosmic spirituality recognizes consciousness in other life-forms. 

Religion and spirituality can go together. However, we need to understand that a person can be religious but not spiritual, spiritual but not religious while one can also be both. Cosmic spirituality reveals that cosmic consciousness is not just a universal consciousness that brings together the whole. Instead, it is one that also originates the whole, and this is what drives the transition of ages. 

What Made Cosmic Spirituality?

Research into the spiritual origin of the new science led to the discovery of cosmic spirituality. It had been the long-anticipated spirituality of the future predicted by Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, and Beinsa Douno. In 1930, Albert Einstein said, “…the religion of the future will be a cosmic religion…” John T. Shields a Canadian theologian who left Catholic priesthood to pursue cosmic spirituality even wrote a book about it. He called it, ‘The Priest Who Left His Religion in Pursuit of Cosmic Spirituality.’ 

It has been discovered that it is not a new kind of spirituality; it only faded as the ancient cultures fell. Some of these ancient cultures include; Egyptian culture, the ancient Mesoamerican cultures, and the eastern cultures. This is proved from their erection of monolithic pyramids which is the profoundly spiritual symbol of cosmic spirituality.

A religion of the Future

What we are experiencing today is the rebirth of cosmic spirituality and the return of the true symbolic meanings of the Pyramid which is believed to be a reminder of our great past and the future yet to come.

According to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a French idealist philosopher, we are not human beings living in a spiritual world, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The recent scientific discovery proves how cosmic spirituality is unfolding perfectly. There are no accidents, no coincidences or mistakes; you are just where you are supposed to be on your path which is by the power of God. God does not need our help, and hence we do not have the power to spoil His grand plans.

Understanding Cosmic Spirituality

Cosmic spirituality does not elevate the personal or the impersonal God; instead, it elevates the synthesis of both aspects. This is the era of post-modern physics that brings us into contact with the cosmic God who is the balance of the personal and the impersonal God. This is a natural result of cosmic spirituality. 

The personal God is manifested in the qualitative aspect of the universe while the impersonal God is revealed in the quantitative aspect of the world. Spirituality is about trying your best to practice unconditional love to others and doing to them what you would like them to do to you. Cosmic spirituality is the foretold and awaited religion of the new world. It is not about the religious division of heaven and earth but about what we experience now. 

One does not have to believe that there is a ‘God’ figure sitting upon a heavenly cloud or any supreme being. However, as long as the energy is within and can be tapped into in full conscious awareness, cosmic spirituality will manifest. It is the real sense of spirituality attached to the scientific truths about the universe. 

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