Spiritual guidance

Humans have looked to the heavens for guidance, with the belief that there is a higher power that exists beyond all the things that are around us. Spirituality is a feature that exists in most cultures and has many different names and methods of how to evoke it. Spirituality is energy that controls the stars, the seas, grows the trees and happens to be the same energy that helped us become a being to which we have to return when our time here is done. People whom we love that once lived on earth with us have passed and become, once again, part of the energy. We are always eternally connected to the great spiritual source through their connection to us.

What is Spiritual Guidance?

When our final days come, we then pass onto a spirit. Just the thought of our loved ones passing before us we know they will make the spirit world welcoming and warm for us just as they did when we arrived into the earthly world. When a spiritual reading takes place, we send out energies off to meet with their energies and ask them for guidance. When our loved ones go into the world of spirit, problems that were of earthy existence are futile to them. Being spirit means they have the energy to see all the solutions to the issues that are just too big for us, but small to them. Turning to your family when you are in need is what comes naturally to us, and it gives us great comfort to know there is still a method around that lets us do so. In spiritual guidance, we ask those who have departed that we had a very strong connection with on behalf of the spirit to assist us on our journey through life.

Spiritual hypnotherapy and how it can help you.

The goal of spiritual hypnotherapy is to get higher guidance, deep energy healing, direction on your true path, and clearing of what you don’t need on all the levels of your being. We are remarkable beings. However, at this moment, we are only aware of the smallest part of ourselves. We are aware that there is more to us than just body and our brain – the greatest part being our soul, higher consciousness, higher self and spirit.
Our connection to the higher levels will begin and end inside. We are able to connect to higher dimensions and levels of our own being. Some people call it your fifth dimensional, higher self, and superconscious.

How is spiritual hypnotherapy done?

When you have opened your mind to a deep hypnotic state, you are now open to communicate and receive. A hypnotist will help people reach a higher state of openness and clarity where they can then perceive knowing it’s coming from the greater levels of your consciousness. Yes, we are talking about visiting your fifth dimensional. Spiritual hypnotherapy looks and feels like you are creating it with your imagination, and this is wrong. At the same time, it will still filter through the major sensory perception translator known as our brain to help us make sense of the experience and understand it.

This may be subtle, refined work, but there is so much knowledge, support, guidance, wisdom, comfort to be received all from the higher levels that care for us immensely.