Healthy lifestyles and guided self-change

When people think of their health, they really only consider the physical body. If you want a healthy and vibrant life, you need to also pay attention to your mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. There is a connection between the mind, body and the spirt and recognized that each one is part of a whole. Health psychology and integrative medicine are starting to see that health is influenced by the physical body, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies to.

Your health depends on the four facets, as opposed to just the one. Building onto this type of concept means a trickle-down result influences your overall health. The physical body will be affected by our thought, directing how we feel, affected by our emotions and our energy levels will sway our mind and the thoughts inside.

What is NLP, can it help with self-change?

NLP is cognitive and behavioural psychology. NLP was created when hypnotherapy was not looked at favourably by the medical professions. NLP since then became a way that we can covertly engage hypnotherapy. Our senses auditory, visual, gustatory, olfactory, kinesthetic are the closest contact that we have to the abstract and territory information. Linguistics refers to a way that language can affect our perception of the world and create certain behaviours.

The programming refers to a notion where the neural network pathways become programmed to work more predictably. Look at NLP as a methodology of modelling. It is a process of recognizing the patterns that are good and defining them in a way where others can use them. In order for NLP to work, it requires an attitude, scientific and curiosity with a not so serious approach to experiment that goes beyond the traditional paradigms. NLP is not really about the why but the how to get results approach.

What about coaching?

Coaching is a process of helping others to gain access to their internal and external assets, and utilize them to achieve the desired outcome that falls in alignment with the person’s highest potential. Coaching is a method that can bring the dreams into reality, like creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Coaching can involve clearing up the past issues that can prevent you from creating a healthy lifestyle, however the focus will always remain on the future.
Coaching has the goal of opening the eyes to the client and helping them to recognize what their life purpose is and help them to build a propulsion system and find their sense of self to achieve their desired outcome.

What are the levels of coaching?

Performance coaching: This is focused on improving someones current skills and behaviours. One improves the behaviours, and then some changes slowly filter up through to the higher levels of your mind and then stimulates the change in attitude, motivation, identity, spirituality, capability, values and belief.
Developmental coaching: Focused more on developing the capabilities and creating new behaviours by connecting directly with the level of values, identity and beliefs.
Transformation coaching: This is more focused on facilitating a paradigm shift often at the level of spirituality and identity.

Can hypnotherapy work for guided self-change?

Hypnotherapy is a type of psychotherapy that uses extreme concentration and relaxation along with intense attention in order to achieve a heightened state of mindfulness. Hypnotherapy places individuals into an altered state of awareness. The aim is used to utilize one’s mind to help either reduce an issue or to encourage certain things like creating a better life for yourself. It is important to tend to ourselves as a whole carefully which will open our energy levels.

You want a clear connection to equate to have active energy flowing through all your layers, which will create a mentally stimulated, spiritually connected and emotionally centred vibrant life.
At the end of the day, we all want the same thing. We all want connections, joy, fulfilment, happiness and good health. Finding the ways to do this through the mind-body and spirit will give you more of what you seek.